A few questions for you:

☑️ Are you ready to learn how to create a recurring and profitable income stream using Airbnb, VRBO, Home Away, and other accommodation sites to generate six to seven figures a year?
☑️ Are you interested in a step-by-step plan to let go of the chains from a 9-5 job to a sustainable business that keeps working even when you're not?
☑️ Are you ready to sidestep the internet's endless parade of hollow Airbnb business tactics and finally learn trully tested strategies for finding a profitable location, attracting ongoing waves of guests, and creating an Airbnb that you can charge 10%, 20% or even 40% more per night than your competitors?
☑️ What about a life of endless vacation while your Short Term Rental business sustains your vacation for weeks, months, or even years?

If you are, then I’m excited to announce a PROVEN... Step-By-Step System To Build
Your Short Term Rental Business From Scratch And Turn It Into Reliable Wealth Machine!


⚠️Pricing *has to* go up as more members join to fully support the streams and Discord channel. "Lock in the today's pricing as pricing has already increased."

You Will:

🔰Learn how to build your income INSTANTLY with Proven Business Models.
🔰Learn how to build your cashflow and passive income.
🔰Learn the psychology of the investing in short term rental real estate and mastering deals.
🔰Learn how to communicate with contractors, agents, lenders to get the best DEALs and make them smooth.
🔰Understand not just the textbook fundamentals of how to calculate cashflow, but how to actually FIND cashflow and what it means to you -- look at real estate from a different perspective.
🔰This is much more than an overview of real estate investing. It's a way to change your mindset and let you become a life-style real estate investor.
🔰When you master this lifestyle, passive income and any of your visions will be significantly easier to attain.



  • ☑️Content will continue to be added FOR FREE as time goes on.
  • ☑️Content will continue to be available after purchase with lifetime access.
  • ☑️Since we are offering access to our private facebook groups and access to deals at purchase, we cannot offer refunds.
  • ☑️At some point into the future, the *new* private facebook group livestream schedule may reduce. All previous content remains for life. Livestreams guaranteed through 2020.

Targeted Students

This course will be wide ranging covering topics for all investors including beginner, intermediate, & advanced investing topics.
✳️New investors: will learn ground-up knowledge from how to start AT ANY AGE (we'll have various start points and segments to share exactly recommended courses for starting at various ages).
✳️Advanced investors: may benefit from a new perspective on topics they thought they were already experts on (such as negotiations, dealing with tenants and contractors, etc.)

⚠️That said, here's a quick warning if you:

✅Have ZERO Investing Experience.
✅Have SOME Investing Experience.
✅You're Looking for Passive Income and Cashflow.
✅You're Looking for a Side-Hustle to Build Wealth.

Or you:

✅You don't own a home
✅You don't have any money
You don't know where to start
✅You're not experienced in business
✅You've tried other businesses and nothing works

Introducing Short Term Rental Academy, a proven "step-by-step" formula that takes you from "no money" and "no experience" to a "profitable business" you can operate from anywhere in the world.

Meet CT's Mission Statement:

🔆How to Create Wealth Investing in Short Term Rental Real Estate Chris Thomas shares the exact formula he used to create $3.5M annually of rental income, with 250+ units. My goal is to show you how you can develop income-producing real estate, protect your capital, and provide you and your family with passive income to live a life of absolute freedom.
This video enriched guide can be completed from start to finish in 7 days or less

What You Get:

✳️Over 150+ HIGH-QUALITY Lectures to enable your Mastery of Short Term Rentals.
✳️The precise type of rental that will ensure you the best chance at Cashflow Day 1
✳️How to ensure positive Cashflow during all economies.
✳️How to evaluate a property to know what a fair price is.
✳️How to determine where to find the best deals in your market. And the perfect first deal is for you and what deals you should never do.
✳️You also get an inside look at the exact deals he is looking at today. 
✳️How to use good debt and make the bank your partner. Get FULL access to his business partners
✳️Free Teachable App access to Watch Courses on the go.
✳️New Lectures are Regularly Added (Example: Market trends or law changes).



You will also get instant access to:

💥BONUS 1: FREE "Short Term Real Estate Riches" eBook with your order. ($14.95 VALUE)

💥BONUS 2: "Success Quotes Wallpapers Downloads with your order. ($19.95 VALUE)

💥BONUS 3: The Million Dollar Landlord Script to Convert More Properties ($19.95 VALUE)

💥BONUS 4: "The Millionaire Short Term Rental Host" eBook ($14.95)

💥BONUS 5: 20 Rules Of Closing A Deal Download with your order. ($99.95 VALUE)

I want to help you reach millionaire status and even get unreasonably, life changingly, community transformingly rich. If you believe that you deserve to be the person in the room who writes the check for a million dollars, ten million or even 100 million — let's roll.

📣Curriculum (Even More Will be Added Overtime):📣

Course 3.0 JUST Released April 2020 (new lectures).

"The 7 Steps to Short Term Rental Mastery"

FOCUS: l Introduction & Preparation
  • ✅ How to maximize your potential so you don't end up like most people who start a business (putting in a lot of effort, spinning their wheels but going nowhere)
  • ✅ Learn the framework behind setting goals and creating strategies using psychological tactics proven to increase the likelihood of success
  • ✅ How to reprogram your mind to stop focusing on the negatives of life and to automatically start spotting opportunities for growth and profit
  • ✅ The one trick to becoming extremely resourceful - (hint: you're not starting from nothing)
  • ✅ How to transform the knowledge and experience you already have into useful tools that you can use to create a successful, profitable airbnb business
  • ✅ How to use social leverage to advance your business at light speed
  • ✅ Understand the Rental Arbitrage business model inside and out. Learn why it's actually more profitable than buying and how you can scale your businesses at unprecedented rates in the first year
  • ✅ Essential investment calculations to know whether a property is going to be profitable or not (this isn't a hobby, nothing matters if your business is not making a profit)
FIND: ll Starting Your STR Business
  • ✅ How to set up your Airbnb account "the right way" (systems and processes you should have in place for later)
  • ✅ Which legal entity to choose for the best liability protection, tax advantages, and scaling potential (also how to create it, where to create it and how to keep it in good standing)
  • ✅ How to set up your business with scaling in mind, so that you create a strong foundation for when you start to generate massive growth (if you business doesn't have the proper infrastructure in place then scaling too big too fast will destroy your efforts)
  • ✅ Common mistakes people make when starting a business that offsets the multitude of benefits being a business owner has (these mistakes will also get you into trouble if you don't navigate around them)
  • ✅ Software and other resources to get your business set up and running without breaking the bank (in the beginning you want to be wise with how your deploy your capital, these tools will help with that)
FUND: lll Market Research & Raising Capital
  • ✅ How to conduct expert level market research for free (effective market research can be the difference between success and failure, you'll learn everything you need to know about how to pick the right market, submarket, neighborhood, and zip code that will be the most profitable)
  • ✅ How to narrow down your property search to a specific zip code, neighborhood and street based on real market data showing which properties are most profitable
  • ✅ How to find the most successful property types in your market (not all property types perform the same in each market. In this section you will learn how to find the most profitable property types in your market)
  • ✅ How to determine your daily price so you don't underperform or ask too much for your market
  • ✅ How to discover and take advantage of popular trends that are already working in your target market
  • ✅ How to test for occupancy and demand by analyzing future profits and expenses (though this can be a lot of fun it's a business NOT a hobby, so your goal is to make money, here you'll learn how to determine whether or not a property is going to be successful before you even acquire it)
  • ✅ Discover the elite level software that will effectively serve as your "Secret Weapon", giving you an unfair advantage by allowing you to access "The Matrix" of market research data in your market
FURNISH: IV Furnishing & Finding Profitable Properties
  • ✅ How to properly take the information learned during the market research phase and apply it in a way that allows you to acquire several high earning properties without buying a single house
  • ✅ Where to find properties in your market that fit the profile of what you're looking for (based on market data)
  • ✅ How to save money, time and effort by finding properties with this one characteristic that will make setting up your business exponentially easier
  • ✅ How to find motivated landlords who are more willing to be open to working with you (now and in the future)
  • ✅ How to quickly and easily reach out to property owners in your market in a way that elicits a positive response
  • ✅ Exactly what to say to convince landlords and property managers to rent multiple properties to you (when you know these key value propositions you will know exactly what to say to have landlords want to rent to you and to prefer it over a regular tenant)
  • ✅ Hacks to acquire multiple properties at once from one property manager allowing you to scale faster
  • ✅ Sales hacks to keep your mindset on track for success and how to handle objections and resistance
  • ✅ Easy to implement techniques to convince on the fence landlords to say "yes" and rent to you
  • Free additional software and resources to find the best properties in your market
FULFILLMENT: V Running A Successful STR Business
  • ✅ How to start your business from scratch with very little money (these techniques for decreasing your upfront costs will allow you to get your business up and running without breaking the bank)
  • ✅ How to find furnished properties that save you thousands of potential expenses
  • ✅ Where to acquire free quality furniture saving your additional out of pocket costs
  • ✅ How to do your own professional interior design when you can't afford to hire
  • ✅ Access to free professional level photo editing software (Tip: photos are extremely important in Airbnb, knowing how to take good pictures and edit them successfully is essential)
  • ✅ Learn high level backend business concepts that you must know for long term success such as income allocation, capital reserves, tax strategy, and asset protection
  • ✅ Learn how to scale your business to 6-figures+ without raise a dime of investment capital or leveraging a single dollar of debt
  • ✅ Setting up more important infrastructure to lay the foundation for future growth and scaling opportunities
  • ✅ An important paradigm shift about being a business owner that will take you from slaving away 18 hours a day to being a successful portfolio owner who does what they love while making passive income
  • ✅ Building the right strategic partnerships essential for massive growth and long term success
  • ✅ How to know what's going on in your local market and region so you can move your business directly into the path of economic growth
  • ✅ Discover additional software that will allow you to maximize your daily pricing and has been proven to increase revenue by up to 40%
FUTURE: Vl Staying Booked & Accelerated Growth Strategies
  • ✅ How to list your property in a way that gets more views, wishlist saves and more bookings
  • ✅ Learn to write captivating titles & subtitles that draw people to your listing utilizing an easy to implement technique anyone can follow
  • ✅ Everything you need to know about photography when it comes to your Airbnb listing (hint: what people care about the most in each market is different but with the lessons you'll learn in this section you will be able to identify those things and tailor your photos to what people want)
  • ✅ How to write a great description that will build trust, rapport and curiosity
  • ✅ Techniques to give your guest an effortless and positive experience while staying in your home
  • ✅ The essential equipment and amenities that if left out will create a bad experience for your guest and will result in bad reviews which hurt your rankings
  • ✅ More free interior design hacks that will make your listing stand out and look professional
  • ✅ One very important document that can be the difference between a headache every time you have a booking and having a stress free experience both for you and your guest
  • ✅ Multiple "not so well known" techniques for optimizing your online marketing and search engine optimization (Google and Airbnb have complex algorithms that determine which properties show up first and at the top of the screen, the techniques you'll learn in this lesson will show you exactly how to get your listing ranking higher and higher, resulting in more people seeing your property and more money in your pocket)
  • ✅ Exactly how to become a Superhost which will accelerate your rankings and earning potential immediately
  • ✅ How to get more positive reviews and 5 star ratings almost every booking (Tip: this boosts rankings)
FREEDOM: Vll Automating Your Business For Financial Independence
  • ✅ How to set up proven systems, processes and infrastructure to guarantee your business generates reliable passive income every month
  • ✅ How to design your business so tat it operates with or without your physical presence in the business
  • ✅ How to turn your business into an asset that you manage from the financial reporting level and not the operational and managerial levels
  • ✅ How to design a seamless self check-in process allowing your guests to come and go as they please without having to physically assist them during their stay
  • ✅ Best technology to utilize for automating your properties as well as keeping your guests and staff accountable
  • ✅ The one document that you must create that will enable your guests to become self sufficient and not need to constantly call you or your property manager with simple questions
  • ✅ How to manage and control your cleaning staff while running a location independent business
  • ✅ How and when to use Co-Hosting to scale and automate your business (the Co-Host is effectively your personal property manager and they will make your life much easier, however you must train and equip them properly or else the entire process could backfire on you, Hint: the main benefit here is that you maintain all of the control without all of the work)
  • ✅ And finally how to live a stress free life and spend more time doing the things you love while your business continues to grown and produce a stead stream of income

"Earnings Summary" from an Airbnb account...


⚠️Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pricing Change?

Yes. Pricing will increase as more course content is released. You are highly encouraged to enroll now to lock in the lowest pricing possible.

What about International Students?

You will love it! About 25 to 30% of our students are international students. CT aim's to teach fundamentals and principles that are applicable globally. Certainly we might use specific examples to the United States, but if you understand the concepts, you will be able to apply them globally. This is why we say we like to teach rather than give you some cheat sheets simply to copy. People who learned this information should be able to adapt it to their local region.

What if I Don't Have Any Business Experience?

You will learn step-by-step how to conduct market research, find properties, convince landlords and property managers to work with you. You don't even need to buy a single home to get started listing properties on vacation rental sites

What If I Don't Have Any Money?

The beauty of this business model is that you barely need any money at all to get started. Then once you've got one cash flowing property up and running I'll teach you how to scale and grow the business using only the money that you make from your property. This organic growth process allows you to scale to massive income with almost not money in the game.

What If I Don't Have Any Business Contacts?

In this course I'll show you who you need to add to your team to be successful and where to find them. There's even one special contact that if you can establish a relationship with they may as well just connect you to everyone else you need on your team.

What If I Don't Have The Time?

PERFECT! You'll have direct access to partner with me on deals. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and collect monthly cashflow aka "Earn While You Learn" If you think you need to work 100 hours per week to become successful then I've got good news for you. It doesn't take anywhere near that. Once you've found your property everything is pretty streamlined from thereon. The great thing is that you won't have to learn everything the hard and slow way because you'll learn the shortcuts and advanced techniques I this course.

What If Every Business I've Started Has Failed?

YOU'RE NOT ALONE! I struggled for more than 7 years before I ever even began to taste success and I wanted to give up and even did give up briefly at times. But I promise you that if you get up off the ground, dust yourself off and put everything you have into a proven system you will win eventually.

How Do I Convince My Spouse To Let Me Do This?

Unless you're in an unhealthy relationship then your spouse loves you and wants the best for you. Your success is their success but your failure is also their failure. But if you truly love your partner then your should want a better life for them. You should be willing to do whatever it takes to create that life for them. And if they truly love you they may not understand your ambition at first but they will get behind you once you start to win... trust me ;)

What is the Refund Policy?


We want you to have every opportunity to succeed with STR Academy and the program you purchased. We want you to be over the moon about how well your business operates after you start using what you’ll learn here.

Which means we expect you to put in the effort to make these strategies work for your business.

To get your money back, we will expect you to have gone through the entire program(s) and submit proof that you implemented these strategies, and they did not work for you. 

If you followed all the recommendations in our program(s), and don’t feel they worked for you, please submit documentation of your efforts to our team within 7 days of purchasing our program(s) and we’ll refund your money in full.  

For example, here are a few items you need to have done in order to get a full refund on your STR Academy membership and program(s):

  • Watched all the videos and read through all the additional materials in your program.
  • Joined Facebook Group with other STR Academy Students and Partners.,
  • Sending cold or warm emails to potential clients.
  • Please note: You must have implemented at least one of these methods, preferably more than one, for at least 7 days and not gotten results to qualify for a full refund and contacted our Support team or posted in our STR Academy User Community, asking for help.

To request a refund, contact Student Success via [email protected] or FB Messenger @thestracademy during regular business hours. Customers ineligible for a refund may be granted a partial refund in our sole discretion.

We are not liable for any refund amount due to technical problems on your computer, including but not limited to: printer malfunction, inability to download items, and/or problems due to Internet connectivity.

Course Curriculum

  Welcome To Short Term Rental Academy
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days after you enroll
Available in days
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Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
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Available in days
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Available in days
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Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

⚠️Wait...You Have Other Options


I already know that STR Academy is thee best option to generate wealth rapidly and works. But what would it cost for you to learn this yourself? I like to be straight up with all your options, so you're fully informed.


This is gonna cost you around $100,000+ to accomplish. You'll will have a degree from an accredited university. You will learn professional management, business structure, accounting, legal matters, etc. However you will not learn how to start a "real business" and actually make money from it. But wait, it will not only cost you $100K it will cost your life's most precious asset "Time" 8 years and 100K?


True professional coaching that is worthwhile starts off around $10,000 - $20,000 and that's just for 6-12 months. If you want higher level training you're looking at a $50,000+ investment. It's my personal opinion that business coaching is essential for massive success but only after you've created a stable business that's generating 6-figures and have aspirations to take it to the 7 to 8 figures range.I'll get you to 7-8 Figures in no time! And I'll be your one on one coach


This is what many people do their first time around in business. I certainly did this because I wanted to do things my way and I was certain I would succeed.

This is why it took me more than 7 years to really understand the fundamentals of business and wealth creation. Looking back I should have sought out more professional help. It would have saved me a lot of grief and sleepless nights. Now, you can certainly do this on your own. And if that's where your head is at then that's ok, but just understand that the path of trial and error is a long dark road.

You could literally take years off your learning curve by investing in quality training. I see so many people in business that are making the same mistakes and blind to the same errors as I was. Sadly, I know their future is grim. In the end they might make it, they might not but it's going to be rough, I guarantee it.


This is the story of most people lives. They have aspirations but they never get started. They have a dream for their ideal life but they don't take the first step. The years go by, they lie to themselves saying "one day I'll do it!". After a while their "what if's" become "could have's", "would have's", and "should have's". This isn't the life I want for you.

The more successful I become the more sympathy I have for those who are falling behind. I truly want the best for everyone who is willing to make the effort to win in life. Success really can be yours but you've got to claim it, you've got to invest in yourself and your future.

"You Don't Have to Be First to Do Something, But You Should Follow Someone Who's Best At It..."